Infutor Home Equity Value – Your Key to Reaching the Best Prospective Borrowers with the Right Message

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The game has changed for lenders in 2020

Low interest rates and high unemployment has caused a huge spike in homeowners looking for equity lines of credit or a cash-out refinance. In late May, refinance activity was up 176% (including cash-out refinances) from the same week a year ago. The high number of applicants has created a bottleneck for lenders.

So, how can you…

  • find the best-qualified prospects
  • make every marketing dollar count

in an evolving landscape with unprecedented demand?

Focus On the Top

Reach property owners with the most home equity

37.6% of homes have 100% equity value

41.6 million property owners have 40% or more of equity in their home

5.8 million homes have more than 500K of equity value

Reduce Your Risk

Engage property owners with high Geo-Credit scores who also have the most home equity





Traditional Credit Score Equivalent

Mean Home Equity

A Loan Away from Home

Engage property owners with high equity in vacation or rental homes

Over 8 million property owners have a Mean $98K in secondary home equity

The Right State of Mind

Target property owners by the geographies with the highest home equity values


Available Equity











Available equity in the top 5 states has surpassed $4T and 28M property owners

Look to the Past:

Convert consumers with higher equity values based on older loan origination dates

Mean Home Equity Value



Loan Origination Date

Initial loan or refinance event



Find out how our Home Equity Value solution is the cost-effective way to reach your best prospective borrowers and maximize marketing dollars

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