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Infutor joins Datarade to bring its data offering to network of data hunters

Datarade is the world’s largest and most easy-to-use data marketplace. With a persistent focus on crafting the ultimate data shopping experience, Datarade has helped thousands of data buyers find the right data for their business, effortlessly. More than 2,000 data providers across 500+ data categories are already listed on Datarade, enabling organizations across industries to connect with trusted providers and access the best datasets and APIs.

  • Data Pipeline to marketing channels
  • Fully managed Data Warehouse
  • Automated reporting templates
  • Dashboards allowing interactive data sharing
  • Monitoring of campaigns
  • Enterprise-level scalability and security

Visit Infutor’s storefront on Datarade

Available Infutor Data Sets

Infutor’s solutions are available to buy via the Datarade storefront. Browse data attributes, request samples and quotes, and purchase data – fast, simple, and secure via Datarade’s marketplace. Start putting Infutor’s data products to work:

  • Total Consumer Insights – rich demographic, behavioral and household information on 266 million individuals
  • Total Automotive Profiles – 180 million+ records of vehicle owners
  • Total Property Profiles – 99% of all commercial, residential properties in US

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