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Robust, individual-level Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Propensities to gain a 360-view of the person

HealthWise Data’s health & wellness attributes, including likely ailments, health adherence measures, ability to pay for medical expenses, and attitudes around health are available in Infutor’s TCI Health dataset, since partnering in 2021. These insights are leveraged by life science companies, agencies, analytics firms, providers and payers for marketing, audience creation, patient outreach, driving better health outcomes and more.

Unique Segmentation Systems

In addition to dozens of individual-level health & wellness attributes, HealthWise Data’s robust universe includes two turnkey segmentation systems around a person’s interaction with health systems:

  • pH Personas for Health groups everyone into one of 14 buckets based on their overall health and their engagement in the health system
  • WELLth groups everyone into one of nine buckets based on their ability to pay for medical expenses

Available HealthWise Data Attributes in the TCI Health & Wellness Dataset:

  • Health Conscientiousness – overall health conscientiousness score, likeliness to have a dedicated PCP, get their annual exams, and more
  • Likely Ailments – including likeliness to have diabetes, hypertension, ortho problems, allergies, and more
  • Health Lifestyles – including alcohol use, tobacco, diet, and more
  • Environmental Factors – including access to transportation, food insecurity, and more
  • Caregiver Audiences

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