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Gain deeper insight with combined marketing analytics tools from LeadsRx and Infutor

LeadsRx provides marketing analytics products that allow marketers to increase customer acquisition efficiency, grow lifetime value, and identify wasted ad spend. The power of LeadsRx multitouch attribution and customer journey analytics alongside demographic segmentation from Infutor can show the true impact of your marketing programs.

LeadsRx collects impartial data from devices, browsers, and operating systems of customers engaging with their brands. The combination of their first-party data and Infutor’s demographic data enables brands to know what they need to about consumers, so they can make informed decisions about marketing initiatives.

  • Perform impartial attribution across both online and offline channels
  • Capture 100% of inbound traffic to your website
  • Anonymize IP addresses at the point they are captured
  • Capture information about geo-location, browser and app data, as well as basic device specifications
  • Store first-party data within an identity graph for use within your own domain

multi touch attribution

Impartial Attribution to Improve ROAS

LeadsRx gathers marketing analytics data via multi-touch attribution (MTA) and customer journey analytics (CJA). Valuable insights from the impartial data are used to increase marketing performance and see paths-to-purchase.

LeadsRx Attribution™ uses MTA to improve customer acquisition costs and lifetime value and evaluate campaign performance across touchpoints and channels. LeadsRx uses a proprietary Universal Pixel™ that captures 100% of in-bound traffic to your website no matter where it comes from. The result is an impartial view of attribution across all marketing channels, no duplicate conversion counts, and 100% of your first-party data stays within your own walled garden.

LeadsRx Journey™ uses CJA to optimize conversion paths across marketing programs and content and understand how consumers build relationships with brands. The Universal Pixel™ captures consumer data using first-party, server-based control, without relying on third-party cookies. A purpose-built identity graph safely stores information you share in your own virtual “walled garden”.

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