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Successful Personalization Goes Beyond Understanding The Customer Purchase Journey

Infutor's CMO, Dave Dague, explores the value of not only understanding consumers' purchasing journey, but also their life journey.

In The News: The Decline of Physical Retail May Be An Omnichannel Opportunity

Infutor CMO, Dave Dague, speaks with DMN News regarding the digital technologies that are breathing life into the traditional retail space.

In The News: Keys To Marketing Success In The Digital Age Hinges On Quality Data

Selecting the right data partner requires marketers to closely examine data quality, governance, security and privacy to ensure accuracy.

In The News: Driving Lead Generation Strategies Using Machine Learning

Infutor's EVP of Marketing discusses AI and offers 4 ways lead generation marketers can tangibly use it to enhance their strategies.

Alternative Approaches Necessary When Evaluating Spending Power of Millennials

Dave Dague explores the potential challenges professionals face when determining likeliness to buy and intent to pay with thin-file Millennials.

Infutor Latest Product Innovation Includes TCPA Premium

Infutor's latest TCPA solution continually monitors an enterprise's customer data against its master Identity Graph.

Infutor Launches Powerful Risk Management Solution At 2017 CNP Expo

Infutor unveils ID Authenticate to help risk management and fraud prevention more effectively safeguard brands’ consumers and minimize risk

Infutor Continues To Grow: Names Lynn Rovelstad Vice President of Client Success

Rovelstad brings over 25 years of sales leadership experience to Infutor's rapidly growing team as newly named VP of Client Success.

Infutor's EVP of Marketing Sheds Light On 'Take Charge' Trend in TotalRetail

Dave Dague provides insight into the importance of accurate consumer identity data in the retail and e-commerce space.

Infutor Releases Newest, Demand-Driven Verification Solution

As the Consumer Identity Management Experts, Infutor's latest solution instantly verifies, scores and enhances consumer leads. 

Validation and Intent Key To Assessing Lead Quality, says Infutor's EVP of Marketing

In a recent LeadsCon article, Dave Dague sheds light on the impact verification and intent has on the lead and buyer journeys. 

MediaPost Interview with Infutor's EVP of Marketing About Life After

Gain insight into how consumer identity management companies can help brands recover from's email dump.